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Lynette Diehm has excelled in the corporate world for over 22 years, she overcame economic hardships as well as being a victim of crimes including “rape and theft of a large amount of funds”. Lynette has battled with the pre-stages of cervical cancer, depression and anxiety. Lynette has recovered from all and developed a holistic support system which includes personal development, healthy eating, exercise, natural and alternate therapies, gratitude, meditation, hypnosis and coaching techniques which made her life full and whole and has moved her into a more positive and uplifting life after trauma.

The main purpose of Lynette creating the company “Dare To Be You” is to coach and inspire clients to recover, roll forwards from adversity and to live the lives that they were destined to live that is true to their values and uplifting.

Lynette knew many years ago that she was destined for something that would make a massive impact on the world, so she began her journey to create the holistic health support system that supports her today and that she now wants to share with the world. In 2019, Lynette became a coach and began her journey to help others become the best and truest version of themselves that they can be. Lynette has also written a book called “Dare To Be You” which will be released to the general public June 2022.

Lynette is passionate about writing books, sharing her experience and knowledge with others, and coaching. Her future includes other books, public speaking and coaching people with her online programs. Lynette has also owned a personal training and lifestyle mentoring business called “Harmony with Action” which worked with building up the confidence and self-esteem of women who were abused. In her spare time, she enjoys tearing up the dance floor with salsa dancing, exercising, jumping out of airplanes, facing her fear of heights head on. Philanthropy is one of her passions and she hopes to make a difference in the lives of children, orphans and women. Through her books, coaching and motivational speaking, she is committed to inspiring clients to live their lives fully and joyfully to their maximum potential without limitation.

Imagine a life where you overcome your fears and the limitations of society where you are courageously daring to be who you truly are, which is powerful, limitless and unstoppable!

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