Dare To Be Unstoppable With Relationships


Once you know you can do anything, you still may find you need to change your internal dialogue and work on your relationship with yourself. Unlocking your personal power and opening the door to exciting new relationships with people. This program helps people just like you to build unstoppable relationships by working with them to replace those thoughts in their heads that are limiting them and holding them back from attracting the people that will respect their boundaries and love them for who they are.

  1. Find out who you really are (Dare To Be You)
  • What you like and what you don’t like
  • Work on a strategy to change the things you don’t like about yourself
  • Put a strategy together for gaining more self-love & self-respect
  • Say NO to doing the thing you don’t want to do for other people (The NO accelerator)
  1. Be able to build healthier relationships with yourself and others (Relationship Builder)
  • Exploration of your past and the events that are holding you back
  • Put a strategy together to overcome your internal fears
  • Clean up your internal dialogue
  • Personal development that will move you forwards towards your future (creation of rituals & habits)
  1. Attract the right people (Attraction Magnet)
  • Find out who the right people are
  • Find out where those people hang out
  • Boldly and courageously put yourself out there
  • Learn to use the tools to simply and effectively communicate how you feel and what you want in a conversation with others
  1. Bonus: Mutual respectful relationships (Happiness)

The Dare To Be You Unstoppable with Relationships Program includes the following;

  • Tools & techniques on how to:
    • Find out who you really are (Dare To Be You)
    • Have the ability to build healthier relationships with yourself and others (Relationship Builder)
    • Attract the right people (Attraction Magnet)
    • Confident Communication Templates
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions
  • 15 minute support calls between coaching sessions
  • Email support and messenger support for questions
  • Action plan and steps to do between coaching sessions
  • Welcome pack
  • Certificate after you finish to celebrate completion of the program
  • The “Dare To Be Unstoppable with Relationships” online course access for 12 months via a private login(this course also includes a free digital copy of the Dare To Be Unstoppable with Relationships – Quotes and Affirmation Book).
  • Access to the Dare To Be You – Unstoppable with Relationships Facebook Community / Support Network
  • A copy of the “Dare To Be You: Break free from the shackles of the past to become Yourself, Outstanding and Unstoppable!” Book
  • Bonus: Mutual Respectful relationships (Happiness) Module

Investment – $8,800 plus GST

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