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About the Creator and CEO

Lynette Diehm’s journey is one of remarkable resilience and unwavering determination. With over 23 years in the corporate world, Lynette’s story is not just about overcoming challenges; it’s about transforming them into steppingstones for growth and empowerment. Surviving economic hardships, personal trauma, and health battles, she emerged not just victorious but more empowered than ever.

The Birth of 'Dare To Be You

‘Dare To Be You’ was born from Lynette’s vision to create a world where every woman can live authentically and vibrantly. Her mission is simple yet profound: to coach and inspire you to rise above adversity and embrace the life you’re meant to live, aligned with your deepest values.

A Journey of Transformation

Lynette’s path wasn’t just a quest for personal healing; it was a journey towards creating a holistic health support system that she now shares with the world. Her approach integrates personal development, healthy living, and innovative coaching techniques, all designed to fill your life with positivity and purpose.

From Personal, Struggle to Global Impact

In 2019, Lynette’s calling as a coach crystalized, marking the start of her mission to guide others towards their most authentic selves. Her signature book, “Dare To Be You,” released in June 2022, encapsulates her philosophy and offers a beacon of hope and transformation. Her three Quotes and Affirmations books released in January 2023: “Dare To Be Yourself”, “Dare To Be Outstanding in Life” and “Dare To Be Unstoppable with relationships” are tools to guide and support you in your journey.

Lynette published and released in 2023 three groundbreaking transformative online courses. These courses were created to transform and empower the lives of women in all walks of life.

Beyond Coaching: A Life Dedicated to Empowerment

Lynette’s passion doesn’t stop at coaching. As a prolific writer, public speaker, and founder of ‘Harmony with Action,’ she has dedicated her life to uplifting women, drawing on her experiences to build confidence and self-esteem. Her vibrant energy extends to her love for salsa dancing, adventure sports, and philanthropy, reflecting her belief in living life to the fullest.

Join Lynette in a Movement of Courage and Empowerment

Imagine a life where you transcend fears, societal limitations, and embrace your powerful, limitless, and unstoppable self. Lynette Diehm and ‘Dare To Be You’ invite you to embark on this transformative journey. Are you ready to be courageously, unapologetically you?

About Us:

At Dare To Be You, we understand the struggles of people pleasers because we’ve been there too. Our mission is to guide you toward authenticity, self-love, and empowerment. Join us on this transformative journey!

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